Product Video Production

A new product is something to be celebrated and it’s important to highlight its uses and benefits to your target audience. One easy way to do this is by using product demo videos to showcase new additions to your company portfolio and we have an experienced team of professionals who know exactly how to get the shots that you need.

Our team at Red Creative Solutions have worked alongside a variety of businesses to create product videos that successfully capture attention online and create excitement. If you’re interested in product video production make sure to get in touch with our team by calling – or filling out our contact form.

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Step One

Our process

We know how important it is that what you do and create is shouted about. For that reason we take product videography very seriously, and undertake significant research to make sure we’re hitting the objectives you need us to. We plan what we’re going to do extensively and our research feeds into the angles we’re going to take with your content.


Crafting a story

Next our team put their heads together to create a narrative that will help us direct any product demo video production process. This includes following your brief to pull together a storyboard and combining this with our research and very own special brand of Red creativity.

Step Three

Perfecting the film

Once we’ve shot the film and got everything we need to make an outstanding video we refine and edit it, so that we can make sure it’s absolutely perfect for you.

Looking for an experienced product video production company? We’re the team you’re looking for. Get in touch on 0333 050 7962 or fill out our contact form.