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Facebook is one of the best known and most used social media networks. It’s also an ideal platform for you to advertise your brand, new products or just to share interesting content that will help your audience to engage more with your business.

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Ever wondered how to make a video on Facebook? Thankfully at Red Creative Solutions we’re well-versed in producing content for a range of platforms, including in Facebook video production.

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How it works

Our team begin by working through your brief so we can ensure what we create is exactly in line with what you need. Then we research the audience you’ll be targeting online, as well as your brand.

Next our Facebook video creators get to work crafting a storyboard that will guide the video from start to finish. We’ll use the information we’ve collected and add some creativity so that your video really comes to life.


After we’ve shot footage that will resonate perfectly with your Facebook audience we move into post-production. Here we’ll refine your video and make sure it’s exciting, engaging and memorable too.

Wondering whether videos for Facebook are the right addition to your social media strategy? Our team are available for a conversation to see whether Facebook videos are the right fit for your industry and brand. We can create ‘How to’ videos, recipe videos, backstage insights and more. No matter what it is you want, our team can work to create content that resonates.

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